Always proud to wear a score from ShopBop, I can be even the more proud now that my fashion go-to has joined forces with Born Free, led by Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg in conjunction with Amazon Fashion, MAC AIDS Fund to name a few.

The initiative is all in effort to raise awareness and support for the elimination of mother-to-child HIV transmission by December 31, 2015.
One pill a day saves a child from HIV; elimination is possible!

The 22 top designers who have contributed to the collection are mothers themselves and therefore, strongly connected to this initiative.

Not even a mother myself, I bought the Alexander McQueen baby blanket. 100% silk with wool trim, and it’s McQueen! I couldn’t resist for my future’s baby. 2nd runner up was the Versace dress! Skip over the jump for more on this collaboration and shots of all my faves.

P.S. The Celine Bag? Not on the site. What’s up with that ShopBop?!



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Yes, Coco may just be rolling over in her resting place. Corsets were the very trend that her designs rebelled against. But Karl knows that curvy women today kill for a cinched waist! He wins.



I just saw the 2011 indie film, Yelling At The Sky, starting Zoë Kravitz, so now I’m obsessed with her all over again.

She plays the youngest daughter in this dysfunctional family of a veteran turned alcoholic and abusive dad. And this mom who can’t handle it all and returns half way through the film from the loony bin.

The crux is that Zoë’s character goes from being jumped in the beginning of the film by a group of kids who want to steal her bike to hustling joints in the school hallways and orchestrating her own revenge jump with her two new found sidekicks who literally always look like her backup singers in matching tops.

I was teary eyed a few time well. Blah blah blah. Watch it on Netflix!





Really though?! We knew Jeremy Scott at Moschino would be a sight based on his eponymous collection where we’ve come to know him for bubblegum ice cream color ways and far out prints…or even his super quirky wing kicks for Adidas.

What we didn’t expect was jackets as bags or tags as shirts! Scott turned Moschino on its head and we are listing over the entire PreFall 2014 collection–especially the pieces highlighted here!

Read his interview with style.com on the dream collab here






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