Inspirations. Pastel braids. TNEMNRODA sunnies. Neon signs. 

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Focusing on what they call a “Dapper Dame” aesthetic and a steadfastness to Eco-friendliness Chan+Krys stands to be the new go-to contemporary line! 

Designers Chantale and Krystalrae give ladies credit for dressing toward a tailored sense, not limiting it to women doing “menswear.” The Dapper Dame aesthetic was present through and through as guest communed at the trendy, and minimal Ace Hotel on Wednesday night for the launch of their two introductory staple pieces: 

The Alameda top made of 100% Cupro, though a byproduct of cotton feels just like brushed silk. The counterpart to the line is the super versatile, Marcy Pant. Style tip:  Loved the Marcy Pant rolled up tight the ankle for a tapered look! 

Illustrations by De’Angela Sipp (@sweet_de)

Designers Chantale  and KrystalRae with myself and fellow blogger @mrrenaissancestyle 

Shop the line here:

We all love a good sale. But what’s the downside? It’s always on the old, even out of season stuff. 

Not this time, toots! That’s right, ShopBop is dishing out up to 25% off on sale and full priced items. 

For a direct link to super cute items, I would suggest starting at the Jamie Chung curated items. It’s all Yabukey clutches, mesh Cynthia Rowley skirts, colorful Iro moto jackets and shoes–laced up, metallic oxfords and mules! 

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I’ve been frequenting the holiday party scene this season. I opened it at the Buchanan party at BTH in Harlem’s West side…with my new Hasani Taylor Flamingo Clutch.

Sorry lovelies, it’s currently sold out…to possibly be brought back? I’ll give you deets on that. But there are a ton of other bags that I had a hard time choosing between when their team reached out to me to select a gift.

Happy shopping at Clutched Bags!




My skin troubles at any given moment always seem to line up with product trends.

I needed a dark spot corrector when that product boom happened earlier this year/late 2013. And now I’m obsessed with my pore size in the midst of all these pore minimized and skin refining products.

But the thig about dark spots is that you always get new ones here and there. So I’m excited to try the new dark spot corrector sent to me called VERSO.

VERSO is a luxury, Scandinavian skincare brand containing the first non-prescription, high dose Vitamin A derivative that can be used safely during the day!

VERSO DARK SPOT FIX is a clinically proven, fading and lightening dark spot corrector with a high dose of Retinol 8 complex. This formula helps to reduce the appearance of minor, unwanted dark spots due to age, sun damage and past acne.

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