I’ve been frequenting the holiday party scene this season. I opened it at the Buchanan party at BTH in Harlem’s West side…with my new Hasani Taylor Flamingo Clutch.

Sorry lovelies, it’s currently sold out…to possibly be brought back? I’ll give you deets on that. But there are a ton of other bags that I had a hard time choosing between when their team reached out to me to select a gift.

Happy shopping at Clutched Bags!




My skin troubles at any given moment always seem to line up with product trends.

I needed a dark spot corrector when that product boom happened earlier this year/late 2013. And now I’m obsessed with my pore size in the midst of all these pore minimized and skin refining products.

But the thig about dark spots is that you always get new ones here and there. So I’m excited to try the new dark spot corrector sent to me called VERSO.

VERSO is a luxury, Scandinavian skincare brand containing the first non-prescription, high dose Vitamin A derivative that can be used safely during the day!

VERSO DARK SPOT FIX is a clinically proven, fading and lightening dark spot corrector with a high dose of Retinol 8 complex. This formula helps to reduce the appearance of minor, unwanted dark spots due to age, sun damage and past acne.

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I started my day at the “You’re Already Late: Secrets of Time Management, Organization and Productivity.” But I was late so I caught the end:
1. Don’t take any calls before 10am. Any time before that is your time.
2. Don’t take any meetings without an agenda
3. Always being print outs of materials and agenda for persons in meeting. We know they won’t. Do you want to be right or in a productive meeting?
//Read more tips here on his website//

My next seminar was “From Likes to Leads: How to Shift From Growing Followers to Driving Real Revenue with Social Media.”

This was misleading as it wasn’t for the social media saavy, with a growing audience. It was for the social media novices who aren’t on Instagram yet and don’t know how Facebook is useful to their business.

I did hear the reinforcement to have a purpose for your social media clarified. And be sure that every post speaks to that purpose.

But after that I left, not without grabbing her email though because the speaker, Gwendolyn Turner, connects small business to big corporations for a living at the Capacity Center! Here’s her email: Gwendolyn.turner@thecapacitycenter.com

I dipped into the “How to Make Your Blog a Lead Generation Tool.”
1. Hyperlink in a post to past posts
2. Use longer keyword/phrases to be specific. Summer fashion in NYC v. Summer Fashion v. Fashion
3. Share blog posts on round up sites (I haven’t done this since like ’09!)
4. Provide downloadable content and resources.

Hope you’ve made it to the end! This is where the real inspo comes in! I spent the last hour hearing Keynote speaker, Bill Walsh! Just gonna throw out everything…no particular order except how I wrote it in my notes:
1. Say: “It’s my time!”
2. Women speakers are needed–what are you passionate to speak about
3. Busy equals broke
4. The crazy ones make all the money
5. The quality of your language will dictate the quality of your life
6. Say:” I have a big vision”
7. Success is journey not an event
8. Time is a constant
9. Key to business success
Vision that inspires you
10. How you do anything is how you’ll do everything
11. FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful
12. Tap into a vision so large it scares you
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
Think and Grow Rich For Women


//DEETS: vintage hat and lace bolero, Forever21 bodysuit, Aldo boots, makeup by me//
How do you become a witch without spending a dime? Well you have to have the essentials: all black, a wide being hat, boots, and witch makeup!
The only thing missing was neon green contacts!





Fanatics makes it so easy to find everything you need to get game day ready with a ton of styles of baseball hats. So when asked to style one, I chose the red Cardinals snap back (Styling tip: wear it backwards).

St. Louis? I have no idea what that means in terms of baseball, but I do know that no matter the outfit, you can wear a red accessory with just about anything. Combined with a simple look–jeans and tee moment–you’re just about ready… Read on for deets on how I complete the look.
Fanatics CAP//

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