Say goodbye–at least for the winter season–to the sherbet-y manes of yesterday.

Does this mean you have to stay true to your born color? Hell no! Say hello to my new fave, now trending: Gray hair! Love, love, love!










Small cross body bag.
It says I don’t have baggage. I have too many assistants for that. Or I’m too focused for that. Either way, it says that you’re refined.


The cape.
It’s a quick swoosh of warmth and look. Even throwing it from in front of you to around your shoulders like a bullfighter is super stylish. Not for the slight of heart. *wear your cros body bag under your cape! Or clutch it!!! Extra points for chicness there!*


Curated jewelry.
A mix of delicate, bold and personal jewelry is detail oriented and key to personal awareness in the way you move. Trust me, your hand move a little less attractively when you take that chunky ring or the delicate midi rings off!


The simple white tee.
A slinky, slightly stretchy version is the best. It says I don’t care but I do because this is a nice ass white tee and it’s my whole outfit. All you need is a touch pair of heeled boots or pumps plus a blazer or a leather moto and you’re all set, buttercup.

All photo credited to WhoWhatWear.com



Pleather skirt-top sets, vintage inspired bustiers in cream…just a few of the things I have my eye on at Nasty Gal.


Transitioning into Fall is one of the hardest transitions of the year! Although I love fall fashion, the extra layers aren’t always a warm welcome to the lightness of summer.

Here are my efforts:


Deets// Vintage leather jacket, vintage shirt, Necessary Clothing bra top, TopShop jeans


Deets// Necessary Clothing split tee, H&M shorts